To transfer song & pattern data between two SR18's using a 5-Pin MIDI cable, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect a 5-pin MIDI cable from your first SR18's MIDI OUT (to Copy) to the second SR18’s MIDI IN (to Clone).

  2. Turn off the SR18 (to Clone).

  3. Turn on the SR18 (to Copy).

  4. Press the SYSTEM SETUP button on the SR18 (to Copy).

  5. Use the Page Up and Down buttons to select page 17.

  6. Now go to the SR18 (to Clone) and hold down the SAVE / COPY button.

  7. Turn on the SR18 (to Clone) while holding down the SAVE / COPY button.

  8. After a few seconds, you should see “Restore MIDI” on the screen. The SR18 is ready to receive data.

  9. Now go to the SR18 (to Copy) and press the record REC (ENTER) button to send SR18 Pattern and Song data as SysEx data The display will say SENDING MIDI… to confirm that data is being sent. Note: Typically, the MIDI OUT would connect to another SR18's MIDI IN or a system-exclusive data storage device such as MIDI sequencer.

  10. Once the transfer is complete, please turn off the SR18 (to Clone).

  11. Then press SYSTEM SETUP on the SR18 (to Copy) to exit.

  12. Now turn on the SR18 (to Clone). If the process is completed successfully, all MIDI data should be copied to this SR18