Surge Mesh kit image

The Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything a drummer needs to play like a pro. Not only do the mesh heads deliver unmatched response and playability, the compact size means the Surge Mesh Kit goes where larger kits can’t. This article answers popular questions about the features and functionality of the Alesis Surge Mesh kit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Comes with the Surge Mesh Kit?

  • Surge Drum Module
  • 10" Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad
  • (3) 8" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pads
  • 8" Mesh Kick Pad Tower
  • 10" Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 10" Crash Cymbal with Choke
  • 10" Ride Cymbal with Choke
  • Kick Pedal
  • Hi-Hat Pedal
  • Premium 4-post chrome rack
  • Cable Snake
  • Velcro Cable Wraps
  • Drum Key
  • Drum Sticks
  • Power Supply
  • Surge Module User Guide
  • Surge Mesh Kit Assembly Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

How many Kits are in the module?

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit features 40 total kits. There are 24 preset kits and 16 user kits available.

How many sounds are included in the Surge Mesh Kit?

Easily adjust any existing kit, or create your own using the 385 superior drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds included in the Surge module.

Can I connect this to a computer?

There is a USB/MIDI connection for use with virtual instruments and recording software. It is class-compliant which means that it will work with any modern Mac or PC without the need to download any software or drivers. Also, it features MIDI In and Out ports for connecting directly to standalone MIDI gear. Both connections allow for the passing of MIDI information only.

Can I add more pads to the Surge Mesh Kit?

Yes! The Surge module has two unused ports on that back that can be used to connect an additional Tom or Crash pad (not included). These ports will support dual-zone pads when connected with TRS cables.

How can I listen to what I am playing?

On the Surge Mesh Kit, there is a headphone port for when you want to practice or just private listening. On the rear panel of the module, there are 1/4" outputs to go out to a speaker or amplifier system.

Does this have a practice mode?

Yes! there are 2 ways of practicing on this module, the first is not being scored. Second is with a scoring system. Below are how to set them up accordingly.

  • To practice without being scored, press Play/Practice (PRA will appear on the display) After a count-in, the beat, rhythm, or pattern will repeat so you can practice it.
  • To play and be scored, press Start/Stop, After a count-in 9 (EXM will appear on the display) the beat, rhythm, or pattern will play once without the drum part. Play the drum part as accurately as possible. In the end, you will receive a score (SCO) based your accuracy. To improve your score, practice the beat, rhythm, or pattern without being scored (see above) and try again!

    Note: To play along with patterns, you must be in Learning Mode. If the LED under the Song/Pattern button is not lit, press and hold Page/Select until it is.

Does this have any play-along tracks?

Yes! the Surge Mesh Kit has 60 play-along tracks that available for you to practice with.

Can I adjust the levels and tempo of the play along tracks?

Yes! below is the setting to adjust the Tempo as well as the volume control.

  • To adjust the Tempo - Press Tempo and using the < and > buttons to set a new BPM.
  • To Adjust the volume of the music - Pres Song, then press Page/Select until ACC appears in the display. Then us the < and > to adjust the volume.
  • To adjust the volume of the drum part - Press Song, Then press the Song/select until DRM appears on the display. Then us the < and > to adjust the volume.

Can I connect up an audio device and play along?

Yes! you can connect up an MP3 player, phone, Tablet to the Aux input on the module and be able to play along with your favorite tunes.

Can I record on the Surge Mesh Kit?

Absolutely! The Surge Mesh module has the ability to record as your playing allowing you to playback and listen to yourself.

To record follow these steps:

  1. If the LED above the Song/Pattern button is not lit, press and hold Page/Select until it is.
  2. Press Record. The button’s LED will flash and the metronome will turn on automatically. This means the module is record-armed.
  3. To start recording, press Start/Stop, or hit any pad. The Record LED will light solid. (To cancel recording instead, press Record again.)
  4. To stop recording, press Start/Stop, or press Record. The Record LED will turn off.
  5. To play the recording, press Play/Practice. Press it again to stop playback.

Please Note:

  • In learning mode, your performances are automatically recorded.
  • If FUL appears on the display it means the memory is full on the module

Is the Hi-hat pedal a continuous or switch-type pedal?

The Hi-Hat pedal included with the Surge Kit is a continuous variable type pedal. This pedal allows for open, half-open, and closed hi-hat sounds, and will also allow for "chick" and "splash" sounds when the pedal is pressed down and released without striking the hi-hat cymbal pad.