Users who write their own patterns or use the waltz patterns as made available on the download section of the SR18 product page may feel inclined to back up their units on a regular basis. This guide will explain how.

1.    Connect the MIDI output of the SR18 to the MIDI input of your MIDI interface. 

2.    Open BomeSX Choose MIDI in then select the MIDI input of your MIDI interface. 

3.    Power on the SR18. Once it is powered on, press System setup. 

4.    Press the Page up button till you get to page 17. The page will say Send out MIDI? 

5.    Press the REC/ENTER button on the SR18, the SR18 screen will now say Sending MIDI, the SR18 will now be sending all of the MIDI information into BomeSX that makes up all of its user patterns. 

6.    Once everything has sent, the SR18 will go back to the screen that says Send out MIDI? which is your indication it finished sending its user pattern information. 

7.    To save all the information the SR18 sent, go back to BomeSX, and choose File then Save MIDI in as and a new window will open. You can choose the folder you wish to save the SysEx file to and name it in the File name field. 

Putting the SR18 Patterns back that were stored to your computer 

1.    Connect the MIDI output of your MIDI interface to the MIDI input of the SR18. 

2.    Open BomeSX and go to MIDI out and select the MIDI output of your MIDI interface. 

3.    On the SR18, have it off and hold down the Save/Copy button. Power on the SR18 while holding down the Save/copy button until it says Restore MIDI. The SR18 is now ready to receive the MIDI SysEx file that contains all of its User patterns. 

4.    Go back to BomeSX, choose File then Open. A new window will open that will allow you to select the SysEx file you saved from backing up your user patterns. Select this file then choose the open option. 

5.    The SysEx file that backed up all of your user patterns has now been loaded into BomeSX. You will see all of the data to the left of BomeSX that makes up all the SR18 user patterns. To send this information to the SR18, press theSend option in BomeSX and the SR18 will now put back all of the user pattern information to it.