Your Alesis kit has 10 preset kits accessed by pressing the numbered buttons towards the bottom of the module face. Kits 1-5 are the numbers lit up Red, and to access kits 6-10 you must press the Variation button so that it is lit green, then the numbered button of the kit you want to access. To go back to kits 1-5, press the variation button again so that it is lit up red and then the number.

Kit 1-Acoustic

Kit 2-Funk

Kit 3-Jazz Brushes 

Kit 4-Rock

Kit 5-808

Kit 6-909

Kit 7-FX Mix

Kit 8-Marimba

Kit 9-Indian Percussion

Kit 10-Percussion Battery Kit


My kit's number buttons will not light up!

Your kit may be stuck in one of the other modes. Try turning off the module, then turning on while holding down + and - (the buttons under the display) until the display lets you know that a reset is in progress. Afterwards your kit should be good to go!

My cymbals come in too soft compared to the drum pads

While our kits do come with velocity sensitive pads that react to how hard you're hitting them, some users have noticed that certain preset kits have softer cymbals. This is a reflection of the musical style that the kit is based off of; and you may want to try another kit preset that is more appropriate to the style you are playing. The kit itself has no way of adjusting the individual pad volumes.

It should also be noted that overtightening the cymbals to the arm will not allow them to move, deadening the sound and making your cymbals softer. Please make sure they are adequately loose enough to allow for natural movement.

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