Custom kits are one of the best features of the Strike Multipad. Being able to map samples from your own curated libraries and play off the pad in an organic way is a feature used from beginners trying out a sample pad for the first time to seasoned veterans looking to pair down enormous kits. If when making a custom kit you find that it is alternating two samples on the same pad, you may have your kit set to Round Robin Mode as you were making it! 

To check this setting, load a kit, and navigate to the Mode Menu by pressing the F4-Mode button.

Once you navigate to the Mode Menu, in “Playback Mode”, check to see if Round Robin Mode is enabled, if so simply change the mode to “One Shot”, to play the sample from start to finish without any variation.

With “Round Robin” Mode, Each successive hit alternates between Wave A and Wave B. When one Wave is set to Round Robin, the other Wave will also be set to Round Robin automatically. If one Wave is changed from the Round Robin mode, the other will default to One Shot (Mono). This is a useful feature for previewing sounds in the context of a kit, so feel free to experiment with it.