Here is the Strike MultiPad from Alesis. The first percussion pad incredible enough to earn the Strike name. A percussion pad like no other. With 9 RGB backlit trigger pads, onboard sampler and looper, built-in soundcard and radiant 4.3-inch display, this workhorse is ready for the road or the studio. In this guide, we'll answer some of the popular questions about the features and functionality of the Alesis Strike Multipad.


General Information & Key Features

How fast can you load a kit on the Strike Multipad?

The Multipad streams samples direct from their location in the internal memory or your connected USB drive, which means kit loading time will depend only on the number of samples used in the kit. For example, a kit with 9 samples (1 per pad) will load twice as fast as a kit with 18 samples (2 per pad). The size of the samples does not matter, whether it's a snare sample or an hour-long backing track.

What is the max capacity of storage per preset kit? 

Because the Strike Multipad streams samples directly from their location in the internal memory or connected USB drive, the only limitation to the size of your samples/kit is the available space on your drive. This is a great advantage if you are using the Strike Multipad to playback full backing tracks. 

How many pads are on the Strike Multipad?

There are nine (9) built-in velocity-sensitive pads on the Strike Multipad, as well as three (3) inputs to connect additional external triggers, a hi-hat pedal, and two (2) dual foot controls.

How many preset kits are in the Strike Multipad?

The Strike Multipad comes complete with 30 curated presets to get you started, and 70 empty User Presets. You can easily copy and paste preset kits to user slots to customize.

How many User Kits can I store in the Strike Multipad?

Up to 70 User kits can be stored in the Strike Multipad at one time. In addition, User Kits can easily be backed up on to a connected USB flash drive, making it easy to save batches of personalized kits to be recalled when you need them. Back up old kits to a USB drive for storage and continue creating or easily swap between backups on the go to access your own curated batch of user kits.


What software comes included with the Strike Multipad?

The Strike Multipad includes a copy of Ableton Live Lite 10 and MPC Beats.

Can I connect my Strike Multipad to a computer?

Absolutely! Connect the Strike Multipad directly to a free USB port on your computer to transfer audio and MIDI with virtually any software. Send playback out to the Multipad via USB for recording samples right into the internal memory or performing live. The Multipad is fully class-compliant device, so no driver installation is necessary.

Can I send Program Changes to the Strike Multipad to change presets remotely?

Yes! Send and receive program changes and other MIDI with your Multipad to sync up live performances and change presets remotely and in time with the performance. Use either the USB-B port or 5-pin MIDI in/out ports to send and receive all MIDI data.

Is the Strike Multipad road ready?

The Strike Multipad is built to withstand travel and serious use on the road. Every possible surface is covered in a thick rubberized material to protect you, and the Multipad, from that shock of striking hard plastic with a stray drumstick. The beautiful Alesis-exclusive 4.3” color display is also double-reinforced so you can play with confidence.

Samples & Storage

How many sounds are in the internal storage?

The Strike Multipad comes with over 8,000 pre-programmed samples and loops; over 6GB of content! This will include choice content from the Strike and Strike Pro, as well as tons of new drum, percussion, and melodic instrument packs all stored in the internal memory and ready to play.

How much internal memory is in the Strike Multipad?

The Strike Multipad has 32GB of storage total with over 6GB of content, including loops, drums, and percussion, plus melodic instruments for any style. The difference in space is available for you to import your own samples and loops. In addition, a USB port on the back allows you to connect a mass-storage device for additional storage, so you can import, export, and backup kits and samples in a flash.

What is the maximum USB storage device you can use with the Strike Multipad?

 The Strike MultiPad supports drives formatted to FAT32 with available storage up to 32GB.

What file format should I use for my own samples?

The Strike Multipad natively supports 16-bit/44.1kHz samples.

How long can I record a loop?

Record loops with the Strike Multipad anywhere between 1 - 16 bars long and even dub and compound additional layers to build out your loop. You can continue to layer by selecting Start Dub after you create the first layer of your loop. For a demonstrarion of the Looper, watch our video below:

Can I sample with the Strike Multipad?

Yes. Record samples direct to the Strike Multipad using a microphone, phone, computer, USB input or virtually any other audio device to capture live or pre-recorded samples, even off the internet. 

What does the Pad Cue option do?

The Pad Cue option allows you to hear your loops/samples through your headphones prior to launching them through the Main outputs. This allows you to make sure the right loop comes in at the right time, which is extremely helpful in a live setting whether you’re a drummer, DJ, Guitar player etc...

Are there built-in effects?

Absolutely! You have 5 Built-in Effects Processors - 3 Kit Effects, 1 Master Effect, Compressor, and Equalizer. Kit effects include reverbs, delays, flangers, etc....You can set these effects for individual Kits or the Master effects which will affect the overall output of your Strike Multipad. For a full demonstration, be sure to check out our video walkthrough below:

These are Custom Effect Control knobs - Freely map two Alesis “A-LINK” infinite rotary knobs to dozens of effects and mixing controls.


Customization & Routing

Can you change the colors of the pads & Alesis logo?

Yes! You can change the Start/Stop colors of each pad, as well as the glow of the Alesis logo on the sides. Lights can also be set to respond differently when playing loops, whether it’s a BPM pulse, Solid Color, Blackout, etc.. With customizable RGB lighting that displays velocity, loop length and more, you can be certain you never miss a beat – no matter how dark or foggy the stage is. 

What kind of playback options do the individual pads have?

Each pad layer can be set to playback the assigned sample in one of 4 different modes when triggered:

OneShot - When triggered, the sound plays until the end and stops.

Alter - Hit the pad to start the sample, and hit it again to stop.

Loop - Hit the pad to start the loop and hit it again to stop.

RoundRobin - Each successive hit alternated between layer A and layer B. When one layer is set to RoundRobin, the other layer will also be set to RoundRobin automatically. If one layer is changed from the RoundRobin mode, the other will default to OneShot (mono). 

Can I route individual pads and the metronome to different outputs?

Yes, you can route an individual pad or group of pads to go out of the Main + Phone, Aux + Phone, or Headphone Only. This is a great feature if you need to route individual samples/loops from the Strike Multipad to external mixers, interfaces, etc...

The click/metronome can also easily be routed to any output by holding down the Click button.

Can I customize the metronome?

Yes! There are 12 click samples to choose from, you can also change the volume, pan, interval, and output of the metronome by pressing and holding the click/metronome button. For a demonstration, be sure to check out our video below.


Why are some pads blinking?

Depending on what is loaded on that pad, the light might be set to respond to the BPM of the Strike Multipad. If you would like the Pad to stop blinking, you can change that in the light settings in Pad view.

Can one pad trigger multiple pads at the same time?

Yes, pads can be assigned into groups so that one pad will trigger multiple pads simultaneously. 

How many sounds can I layer on one individual pad?

You can layer up to 2 sounds per pad. You can also adjust the volume, pan, and effects of each layer when the Strike MultiPad is in Sound Mode. 


How can I restore the Strike Multipad to its factory defaults?

A factory reset on the Strike Multipad will remove any stored User kits and revert all original presets back to their default settings. Please be sure to back up all user preset kits to a USB drive before performing the reset. 

To access the factory reset:

Press the Utility button.

Select Backup (F6).

Use the encoder knob to find and select Restore Factory Settings. 

The Multipad will restart. 


Technical Specifications

Does this product require a power supply?

The Strike Multipad includes a 9VDC, 1,5A auto-switching power supply. 

How many inputs/outputs does the Strike Multipad Have?

Inputs :

(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS audio inputs

(1) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS trigger input

(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS trigger inputs

(1) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS HH pedal input

(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS footswitch inputs

(1) MIDI DIN Input


(4) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS audio outputs

(1) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS headphone output

(1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) TRS headphone output

(1) MIDI DIN Output/Thru-port

What are the dimensions/weight of the Strike Multipad?

Dimensions (width x depth x height) : 13.75 x 14 x 3” 349.25 x 355.6 x 76.2mm

Weight: 8.5 lbs. 3.85kg

Does this Strike Multipad come with screws for the mount?

Yes! The Strike MultiPad will come with 4 screws for attaching to a clamp or mount. We recommend the Alesis Multipad Clamp for the best results.