When striking a trigger causes another trigger to sound unexpectedly, it is referred to as crosstalk (or XTalk). It’s not common, and your Strike module has already been optimized to eliminate this when using your Strike Kit or Strike Pro Kit. However, like a real acoustic drum kit, your kit can be positioned and played in many different ways depending on your preferences, some of which may cause crosstalk. If that happens, follow these tips to troubleshoot crosstalk:

Make sure your drum and cymbal pads are not touching each other or their clamps.


Set up your kit on a soft, carpeted surface. Hard floors will generally cause more vibration through the drum rack.


Adjust the tightness of the cymbal's wingnut. Wingnuts that are too loose can let the cymbal “bounce” which can cause unwanted vibrations through the boom arm and rack. Wingnuts that are too tight don’t allow enough “bounce,” so the force from a strike will transfer directly to/from the rack.


If a specific drum or cymbal pad seems to cause others to sound, increase the XTalk Send setting for that specific trigger. XTalk Send is best turned up on the trigger that’s causing the crosstalk on other triggers.


If a specific drum or cymbal pad seems susceptible to unexpected triggering from crosstalk, adjust the XTalk Receive setting for that specific trigger.