Congratulations on purchasing your new Nitro Max Kit! If your Nitro Max Kit has been purchased new from an authorized reseller, you are eligible to receive the Dark Mahogany expansion for BFD Player! In this article, we will go over how to acquire Dark Mahogany!


Create An Account

If you do not already have an account at you will need to create one first. 

You can go to and click on Account in the upper right-hand corner, or click here and click Create Account.

Register Product

In your account click Register New Product and enter the serial found on the back of your Nitro Max module.

Download inMusic Software Center

Select the Nitro Max Kit within your Registered Products.  Under Software Downloads > NITRO MAX Free Premium Sound Pack & BFD Player Software, you'll find the downloads for the inMusic Software Center.

Run Nitro Max Setup

After signing into the inMusic Software Center, you will see the following screen.  Connect your Nitro Max Module using the included USB cable, and select Run Setup.

If you do not see the Nitro Max setup screen when opening the inMusic Software Center, go to Hardware > Nitro Max Kit > Run Setup. 

Once you have ran the set up for your Nitro Max Kit, BFD Dark Mohagany will be deposited into your inMusic Profile, and can then be activated to your computer and installed from the inMusic Software Center, from the Expansions tab.