Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Nitro Max Kit and the Nitro Mesh Kit?

The Nitro Max Kit expands on the playability of the original Nitro kit by upgrading the previous mesh snare and tom pads for improved response and versatility. These upgrades, along with new sounds courtesy of BFD Drums and Bluetooth capability for your audio streaming needs, pair together to make one of Alesis' most versatile kits yet!

What is included with the Nitro Kit?

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit includes everything you need to make a complete drum kit:

  • Nitro MaxDrum Module
  • 10" Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad
  • (3) 8" Mesh Tom pads
  • 10" Hi-Hat Pad
  • 10" Crash Pad w/ Choke
  • 10" Ride Pad
  • Kick Pad Tower
  • Kick Pedal
  • Hi-Hat Pedal
  • 4-Post Aluminum Rack
  • Cable Snake
  • Cable Wrap Strips
  • Drum Key
  • Drum Sticks
  • Power Supply
  • Nitro Max Module User Guide
  • Kit Assembly Guide
  • Drumeo Lessons Card
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

What software comes with the Nitro Max Kit?

Nitro Max can learn how to play drums along with Melodics and Drumeo, while those looking to peruse a larger catalog of digital sounds can use the BFD Player for even more professional level sounds. We've constructed a video playlist that will walk you through setting up your kit with each of these software options. Check out that playlist here!

Can I expand this kit with more drum triggers?

Yes! An additional tom and crash cymbal can be added to the Nitro Max drum module with the Tom 4 and Crash 2 inputs on the rear of the module.

What is the size of the kit when it is fully assembled?

The size of the completed kit will be around 4' x 3'. As with all of our kits, the arrangement is fully customizable and the exact size can vary with different playing styles and personal preferences.

Can I use my own pads with the Nitro Max module?

While other standard or dual-zone single pads will likely work, the Nitro Max module is configured to respond optimally with the included drum kit. You could potentially use third-party standard triggers, however, since other manufacturers design triggers specifically for different drum modules, not all triggers may respond as expected.

Although some companies make sticks specifically marketed toward mesh drum heads, it is not necessary to use a specific style of drumstick with mesh heads. Any wooden or plastic tipped drumstick will not damage the drum head. Unlike acoustic drums, the style of the stick will not affect the sound produced.

If you would like to use a set of drumsticks other than those supplied with the kit, we recommend using a new set of sticks that have not been chipped, worn down, or otherwise damaged from playing an acoustic drum kit. The irregularities on a damaged drumstick can pull at the material on the mesh drum heads and cause it to deteriorate which over time may puncture the head.

Avoid using felt beaters or mallets. The friction caused by the felt can wear the mesh over time.

Is the Hi-Hat pedal a continuous or a switch-type pedal?

The Hi-Hat pedal included with the Nitro Max Kit is a continuous variable type pedal. This pedal allows for open, half-open, and closed hi-hat sounds, and will also allow for "chick" and "splash" sounds when the pedal is pressed down and released without striking the hi-hat cymbal pad.

What sample content is included with the Nitro Max module?

The Nitro Max module comes complete with 40 classic and modern ready-to-play kits, as well as 30 new kits from BFD Drums. These kits and their component drums can be mixed and matched for maximum flexibility! The USB/MIDI connection allows MIDI information to be transferred between the module and the computer, so while it will not allow for audio file upload or transfer, it will allow for the module to send MIDI information to the computer to trigger your favorite DAW or virtual instrument. The new Bluetooth functionality will allow you to stream music into your Nitro Max Module so you can play along effortlessly!

What features will help me learn drums?

The Nitro Max module features three different learning modes for developing your skills and becoming a better drummer. Start by pressing the Mode button until the LED next to the bottom row of text is lit, and then choose from one of three learning mode buttons:

  • Beat (BEA) - This mode is for the snare pad only and helps develop timing, meter, and basic patterns.
  • Rhythm (RHM) - Rhythm mode expands the learning environment to the entire kit and helps develop coordination and timing with the entire kit.
  • Pattern (PTN) - This mode adds backing tracks for practice playing with accompanying instruments.

Choose a pattern using the - and + buttons and press Start/Stop to begin. The pattern will count off and then repeat for you to follow along.

To help with the learning process, every practice is recorded and scored by default. If you wish to practice without being scored, use the Play/Practice button to begin the sequence.

Can I play along with songs on my phone/tablet/computer?

BluetoothYes, the Nitro Max module features brand new blueooth connectivity in addition to an 1/8" (6.35mm) Aux input to allow you to connect a phone or other device for playback. To balance the levels, use the Volume knob on the Nitro module and the volume controls on your device.

How do I connect my device via Bluetooth?

  1. Press and release the Power button to power on the Nitro Max drum module. When no Bluetooth device is connected, the Bluetooth button LED will be off. 
  2. Press the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode. The Bluetooth button LED will flash. 
  3. Navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select Alesis Nitro Max. Once your device has been paired, the Bluetooth button LED will be fully lit.
    Note: If the Bluetooth button is pressed again, pairing mode will be canceled, and the LED will return to the previous state (paired with the previous device or no device). 

To disconnect a paired device, press and hold the Bluetooth button again. 

Can the Nitro Max drum module connect to a computer to trigger drum software?

There is a USB/MIDI connection for use with virtual instruments and recording software. It is class-compliant which means that it will work with any modern Mac or PC without the need to download any software or drivers. Also, it features MIDI In and Out ports for connecting directly to standalone MIDI gear. Both connections allow for the passing of MIDI information only.

How do I adjust the volume of each individual pad?

  1. Choose a pad you would like to edit by hitting the corresponding pad.
  2. Next, select the Voice button, then press the Page/Select button until VOL appears on your display. 
  3. Use the < and > buttons to adjust the volume level of your selected pad.
  4. Press Save to store your personalized settings.

Can I reset the module to its factory default settings?

Yes. Hold the < and > arrow buttons simultaneously while powering on the unit. The screen will show "RST---" for one second and then the module will restore back to the factory default settings and be ready to use.

My headphones have a built-in microphone. Can I use these with my module?

Headphones that feature a built-in microphone have a 'TRRS jack' that may not work properly with the Nitro Max module. The TRRS headphone jack features an extra channel which may prevent it from lining up properly inside the headphone port on the module which can cause audio drop-outs or incomplete signals. Standard headphones which feature a 'TRS' headphone jack are required for a consistent and reliable connection.

Can I fold this kit away for storage or travel?

Absolutely! If the crossbars connected to the two center posts are loosened, the kit can be "folded" to make it easier for travel. When folded, the dimensions are around 36” x 23” x 12”. (Height x Width x Depth). This estimate is based on lowering the drums as much as possible and pushing the rack together. 

Should I set up the Nitro Max Kit on a rug?

A rug is not technically required, however, most drummers will use one by default in order to prevent the kick, pedals, or entire kit from shifting during play. When using any drum kit on a bare floor, the force of playing can cause some pieces to move (usually the kick pedal and pad). Arranging the kit on a rug or carpet is a regular solution to this.