The Alesis Strata Prime Kit represents a quantum leap in the playability and realism possible in a tour-ready, professional grade E-drum package. Through the use of new technologies developed and patented by Alesis, including the brand-new, patented triple-zone Arc Cymbals with 360-degree play and ultra-precise magnetic hi-hat module, the Strata Prime exists in a league of its own. This article serves to briefly detail the particulars of these hardware advancements and discuss the compatibility of the Strata Module with other drum triggers. 


Arc Cymbals

Each of the cymbals that come with your Strata Prime Kit feature triple-zone sensors for your edge, bow, and bell. As well, the cymbal edge features a dual zone configuration that allows you to capture ultra-sensitive quiet dynamics during play, be it on the cymbal, ride, or hi-hat.

These cymbals are designed to move just like real cymbals while delivering a clean and expressive signal to the Prime drum module. Similarly, you can position and tighten the Arc Cymbals just like analog cymbals. You'll find that the cymbals will typically not rotate in this configuration, so there's no need to worry about the cable wrapping around the cymbal stand's boom arm. 

These features allow for the highest-grade dynamic play, capturing the energy and feel of analog drumkits while maintaining the versatility and customizability of a pro-tier e-drum platform.

Arc Active Hi-Hat System

The Arc Active Hi-Hat system is comprised of a 14-inch triple-zone cymbal and magnetic hi-hat control module that fits on any traditional hi-hat stand. This system precisely detects the movement of your hi-hat cymbal and transmits millisecond-scale information to the Prime module to capture all of the nuances of your playing. 

The Prime Module also features an advanced hi-hat calibration system that allows you to fine-tune the hi-hat sensor to suit your specific style of play.

Strata Kick Drum

Featuring a precision-fit suspension system, double-ply mesh heads, and upgraded sensor array, the Strata Kick drum is the most advanced of its kind in the Alesis product line. The realistic shell and hoop construction allows for compatibility with a wide variety of kick pedals, enabling the drum to adapt to your exact playstyle and preferences. Paired with the staggering customizability of the built-in BFD sound library, this drum is equipped to excel in any performance circumstance.

Strata Tom and Snare Pads

Each drum pad that comes with your Strata Prime Kit features robust, high-response double-ply mesh heads and precision dual-zone sensors that enable masterful dynamic control and response in any deployment. The true strength of these pads, however, lies in their ultra-precise calibration with the Prime Module right out of the box. The pad sensor arrays are tailormade and tuned for maximum precision in dynamic play and comfortable, realistic response from each individual strike. 

A Note on Alternate Trigger Support

All modern Alesis pads will be compatible with the Prime module, with presets available for Crimson, DM, Nitro, and Strike Pads available in the Trigger Edit menu. When connecting these pads, be sure to navigate to your Trigger Edit menu and select the correct preset for the pad you are using. Presets are also available for certain Roland drums and cymbals. 

For additional questions regarding the functions and features of the Strata Prime Kit, please refer to our extensive FAQ guide: Alesis Strata Prime Kit | Frequently Asked Questions : Alesis