What is included in the Turbo Mesh Kit?

  • Turbo Drum Module 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Cable Snake 
  • User Guide 
  • Safety & Warranty Manual 

For a full list of the drum parts please check out the assembly guide.

How do I register my drum kit?

Products are registered to an Alesis account/profile and give users access to any software downloads, authorization codes, and promotional content included with their product. 

To register your product, please create an account or sign in to an existing account at alesis.com. You can also navigate to your user account by finding the Account button at the top-right of your product's brand website. 

Once you have logged into your account, click the Register Product button

Follow the prompts to enter the serial number as it appears on your product, as well as the date of purchase and purchase location. You do not need to include the (21) when entering the serial number.

What is the difference between the Turbo Mesh Kit and Nitro Mesh Kit?

The main difference is that the Nitro Mesh Kit has a kick tower while the Turbo Mesh Kit does not. For the differences between the modules please the chart below:

Turbo Mesh KitNitro Mesh Kit
Play Along Tracks3060

For more details, please see the drum comparison chart on our website. 

My cymbal volume is low when compared to the rest of my Turbo Mesh Kit. Can I adjust the cymbal volume?

The Turbo Mesh Kit does not include individual volume controls for each pad. All drum and cymbal pads are velocity-sensitive and will respond accurately to how hard they are hit. If you believe that the volume of your cymbals is significantly lower than that of your drum pads please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance. 

The hi-hat "chick" sound is louder than the hi-hat and other cymbals. Is this normal?

All the drum and cymbal pads are velocity-sensitive, meaning the volume and expression of the sound will change depending on how hard they are hit. The hi-hat "chick" sound (i.e. the sound made when pressing on the hi-hat pedal), however, is not velocity-sensitive and will play at full volume each time. 

My headphones have a built-in microphone. Can I use these with my module?

Headphones that feature a built-in microphone have a 'TRRS jack' that may not work properly with the Turbo Mesh module. The TRRS headphone jack features an extra channel which may prevent it from lining up properly inside the headphone port on the module which can cause audio drop-outs or incomplete signals. Standard headphones which feature a 'TRS' headphone jack are required for a consistent and reliable connection.

What are the dimensions of the assembled kit?

32 x 46 x 32 inches (length x width x height)

Can the Turbo Mesh Kit snare trigger a rim sound?

This kit includes a single-zone mesh snare pad, which means there is only one zone to trigger - the pad, so it does not have the ability to make a rim sound.

Can I use a different module with the Turbo Mesh Kit?

The Turbo Mesh Kit module is configured to respond optimally with the included drum kit. You could potentially use third-party standard triggers, however, since other manufacturers design triggers specifically for different drum modules, not all triggers may respond as expected.

Can I create custom kits with this unit?

The Turbo Mesh Kit has 01 presets whose sound palette spans 120 distinct sounds. While you will not be able to create custom kits within the module, you could use the kit to control a 100% custom kit in a DAW via MIDI.