The pedals on these particular kits use a simple On/Off message similar to the midi message that a piano's sustain pedal uses. As a result, the combinations of hi hat pedals and kick pads that come with our more advanced kits like the Nitro or the Command Kits cannot be used with these kits.

The Hi hat pedals of these kits all send a range of midi data to indicate to the brain the hi hat's open/closed/semi-open or closed position. As this is more data than an On/Off message, it is incompatible with the kit.

A kick pad sends a note message with a velocity setting attached to it, which is a different signal type altogether than an On/Off message and would be incompatible. 

For the E-Drum Total, the furthest this kit can be upgraded to is the pedals that come with the Turbo Mesh Kit. The Turbo Mesh cannot be upgraded.

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