Frequently Asked Questions


What is Included with the Strata Prime Kit?

The Strata Prime kit includes:

  • Strata Prime Drum Module
  • 14" dual-zone snare pad
  • 8" dual-zone tom pad
  • 10" dual-zone tom pad
  • 12" dual-zone tom pad
  • 14" dual-zone tom pad
  • 18" triple-zone ride cymbal
  • (2) 16" triple-zone crash cymbals w/ choke
  • 14" moveable hi-hat cymbal
  • 4-post steel rack
  • Double-braced Snare Stand
  • Cable snake
  • Cable wraps
  • Drum key
  • Drumsticks
  • Power supply
  • Kit Assembly Guide

Please be advised that a hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal are not included with the kit. 

Is a hi-hat stand included?

The Alesis Strata Prime kit does not include a stand for the hi-hat cymbals. The hi-hat cymbals and control module are designed to work with any standard a hi-hat stand on the market, which means you can take advantage of the feel and comfort of your own preferred drum hardware. 


Do I need to update the firmware on my module?

The Strata Prime comes with a Day 1 performance firmware update that we strongly encourage all users to install as soon as they receive their kit. This firmware update provides stability and performance updates that will greatly improve the response of your Strata Prime kit! 

Virtually any kick pedal will fit and work with the Strata Prime kick drum. However, we do recommend using plastic or wood beaters for the best results. Felt beaters can cause early wear and tear to mesh drum heads due to increased friction from the felt. It's recommended to turn any dual-sided beaters around to use only the plastic side, or use beaters made entirely of plastic, wood, or metal. Keep in mind, unlike acoustic drums, the material used in the beater will not have any effect on the sound produced.


Does it come with any included sounds and content?

Of course! The Prime Drum Module comes complete with 40+ GB of all-new, multi-layered factory content from our friends at BFD Drums, as well as access to the BFD Player!



Can I add additional content to the module?

Absolutely! The Strata Prime comes with 128GB of internal storage. While 40GB will be allotted for the factory content, the other 80+GB of space are yours to use and customize!  If you'd like to add your own samples, Insert an SD, SDHC, or SDXC card (ex-FAT or FAT32 formatted)!



Are all sounds and kits edited directly on the Prime module?

Yes, all of your kits can be edited directly from the Prime module so you can experience your changes in real-time. This includes swapping out samples, sample editing like attack and tuning, balancing mic channels, and arranging layer articulations (Stacks) for your kit pieces. 


Are there any settings I'll need to adjust while setting up the kit for the first time?

The Strata Prime kits come highly optimized right out of the box. This means that virtually anybody can set up the kit and start playing without having to reach for sensitivity, threshold or other settings in the module just to adapt to a personal playing style. 


Will this work with pads from my other Alesis kits or pads from other companies?

The Prime drum module comes with over 60 trigger presets for instant gratification with the current selection of Alesis triggers, as well as some 3rd party triggers. If you have a trigger not found in the trigger preset list, not to worry. Not only will Alesis expand the available trigger presets in future updates, but you can also fine tune and save your own trigger presets for most 3rd party triggers available. Please let us know if you have any difficulty customizing a trigger with the Prime module, or if you'd like to see a certain brand/model added to the list by contacting 


Can I record and add my own samples?

Yes, the Prime Module features a Backing Track mode that will allow you to record audio using imported files, the aux input, or your own drumming. Play along to your favorite songs, or record your own takes with this feature!


What are Stacks?

The Stacks allow you to layer up to three extra sounds/articulations on top of the main Kit Piece sound. You can also browse and load individual sounds or articulations (for example, Ludwig 14x5 Snare Rimshot) directly to an individual Trigger Zone (such as Snare Center or Snare Rim). Try layering multiple sounds on top of each other to define your own unique sound!


Your favorite sticks will work just fine! Some companies do make sticks designed specifically for electronic drum kits, but while these are great options, they're not necessary. Any wooden or nylon tip sticks in any shape will work just fine. 

If you'd like to avoid the wooden sticks getting worn down and catching on the mesh, nylon tipped sticks work great. Keep in mind, unlike acoustic drums, the material used in the sticks and shape of the tip will not have any effect on the sound produced.



Will I need to re-adjust the volume levels every time I switch kits?

No, the kits will follow the fader levels in real-time, meaning any kit that you load will match the volume levels currently set by the faders. This way, you don't have to keep adjusting the faders to mix every kit.


How do I save my personalized user kits?

Easy! When you're ready to save your kit, go into the Kit Edit mode and then tap the Save icon next to the name of your kit. A keyboard will appear to allow you to name your preset kit, and that's it!



Are there any internal effects like reverb or compression?

Yes! The Strata Prime features the entire BFD3 effects catalog, as well as the AIR effects catalog. Each instrument, as well as each individual mic channel can have up to three effects each! With these effects and our mixer window, you have as much control when adding effects to your kit as you would in your favorite DAW!


Can I use the kit to trigger drum software on my computer?

Yes! The module will translate and send MIDI data from your pads over USB to trigger your favorite drum software in your favorite DAW. The module is class-compliant with Mac and Windows, so no drivers will be necessary. The kit is also designed to immediately map to the BFD Player for an optimal playing experience right out of the box!


What is crosstalk and do I need to do anything to prevent it?

When striking a trigger causes another trigger to sound unexpectedly, it is referred to as crosstalk (or XTalk). This is a normal part of all electronic drum kits, and Alesis has created a new easy and automatic method for removing it. Out of the box, the PRIME drum module has default crosstalk filter sections that should work well in most instances. If there is any remaining crosstalk (such as if a cymbal is mounted in an unexpected position), then you can either listen for the crosstalk, and/or look at the meters on the trigger mode to see if crosstalk is occurring. If it is, then select the trigger that is CAUSING the crosstalk, and begin XTalk Learn on that. 

.Follow these tips to further troubleshoot crosstalk: 

  •  Make sure your drum and cymbal pads aren’t touching each other or their clamps. 
  • Firmly tighten (but do not overtighten) the clamps that fasten the pad to the stand to ensure it is securely attached. 
  • Adjust the tightness of the cymbal wingnuts. Wingnuts that are too loose can let the cymbal overly “bounce,” which can cause unwanted vibrations through the boom arm and rack. Alternatively, wingnuts that are too tight do not allow enough “bounce,” so the force from a strike will transfer directly to the rack. 
  • If possible, set up your kit on a soft, carpeted surface. Hard floors will generally cause more vibration through the drum rack. 

What is "Learn XTalk" and how do I use it?

The Crosstalk Elimination page is accessed by tapping Learn XTalk in Trigger Edit mode. This allows you to quickly filter out vibrations across the drum kit which can cause unwanted triggering. Only one Trigger Slot can be programmed at a time. 

To remove crosstalk: 

  1. From the Kit Browser, go to Trigger Edit Mode. 
  2. Select Learn XTalk and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  3. Hit all of the Trigger Zones on the selected Trigger Input a few times. For best results, avoid hitting other triggers. The Trigger Zone info will be shown as well as the Trigger Meter and Peak Marker for the Trigger Slot. 
  4. Little red dashes will appear indicate the crosstalk values that were learned and will be filtered once you complete the calibration. 
  5. Once changes have been made, tap Save. Repeat this process for any other drums or cymbals you are experiencing crosstalk with.

My hi-hat is either triggering randomly or missing hits. Am I setting this up correctly?

Because of the variety of hi-hat pedals and stands that can be used with the Strata Prime kit, hi-hat setup may require a little more optimization to get it to respond perfectly with each kit. For a detailed walkthrough on hi-hat setup and optimization see our optimization guide below:

 Alesis Strata Prime Kit | Optimizing Hi-Hat Performance

Does the Strata Prime module support Bluetooth? 

Yes! The Strata Prime module supports Bluetooth in. This can be used to stream backing tracks to the module wirelessly, or to connect a supported MIDI device.