1. Visit www.alesis.com

  2. Create an account
    1. Click on the ACCOUNT button in the top-right of the navigation bar
    2. Click the Create button under New Users

    3. Fill in the form and complete your account creation

  3. Register your product
    1. In the ACCOUNT section of the Alesis website, fill out your info and click the Sign In button

    2. Once in your account, click Register Product
    3. Fill in the form and click the Register My Product button

    4. Back in your main account screen, click My Products

    5. Locate your registered product and click Redeem Now under the Skoove promotion
  4. Redeem your offer on Skoove’s website
    1. On Skoove’s site click the Start Now button
    2. Fill in the form to create your Skoove account

    3. Once you’ve created your account, go back to www.skoove.com

    4. Click the Start Premium button in the top-right of the page
    5. Fill in your info and enjoy 3 months of Skoove Premium