Unwanted noise can be very distracting. If you are experiencing hiss, static, or noise from the headphone output, please do the following to see if the behavior persists:

1) Disconnect your WIFI router, your phone's bluetooth and any nearby radios to see if the instrument has picked up the broadcast signal. In addition, please try to keep your instrument away from high voltage machinery such as space heaters.

2) Test different headphones. You may experience connectivity problems if your headphone has a built-in microphone/smartphone controls. We recommend studio headphones for use with our products.

3) Disconnect all pads and auxiliary devices from the instrument (aside from the headphones) to see if the noise continues.

4) Move the module to a different power source. For the best results, connect directly to a wall outlet. If using a power strip or power conditioner, please make sure this is grounded (3-prongs) and connected to a grounded outlet. If using high voltage machinery, please do not use in the same outlet as your instrument.

5) Please be sure your headphones are connected to the headphone output and not a microphone or aux input. If the cable is detachable from the phones, please make sure that is seated correctly as well.

6) Please make sure your connector is seated all the way inside the jack.

7) Try blasting the jack with some compressed air incase any dust with a static charge is inside there.

Finally, test the kit by using the headphones with your main output on the instrument using a converter. If you are not getting the ground hum from this output, then you may need headphones with a higher impedance rating. If you are still please feel free to reach out to us.

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