To find the pad settings:

  1. Press the Kit button until NUM appears in the display. 
  2. Use the < and > buttons to select your desired kit. Once you've selected your kit, you can edit its settings.

To adjust the pad settings:

  1. Hit the pad whose settings you want to adjust, or press its corresponding Pad Select button.
  2. Press Voice, then press Page/Select until the desired setting appears in the display:
    • NUM / H-C**: Pad voice (drum sound)
    • VOL: Pad volume
    • PAN: Pad panning
    • PIT: Pad pitch
    • REV: Pad reverb
    • MID: MIDI note. See the Appendix for a list of the default MIDI note numbers for each pad.
    • P-S: Pad song switch (selects whether or not a song will play when that pad is struck)
    • P-N***: Pad song number (selects which song will play when that pad is struck, if PS is set to ON)
  3. Use the < and > buttons to adjust the value.

Other conditions

** If the selected pad is the Hi-Hat, you can choose one of the combinations of open and closed hi-hat

sounds (H-C, 001-007).

*** Songs 61-80 are pitched, non-drum samples (e.g., bass, piano, vibraphone, etc.) rather than actual songs,

so they're ideal for assigning to a pad when selecting the "pad song number." They will change pitch with

each hit. Songs 1-60 are complete songs.

To save your settings:

  1. Press Save.
  2. Use the < and > buttons to select the User Kit slot you want to save it to (25-40).
  3. Press Save again to save the changes to the selected user kit preset slot.