Connecting up your Alesis kit to a virtual instrument is normally a breeze- all of our kits are class compliant and thus do not require a driver; and most dedicated drum programs require a minimal mapping at worst. However, sometimes a virtual instrument will get stuck on an open sound no matter if the pedal is open or closed. You'll then check the midi monitor and notice the Hi-Hat pedal is sending the same midi note while open and closed.

There's a bit of a disconnect between drum plugins made for e-drum kits and made for controllers. The way that higher level e-drum kits from the Nitro all the way up through our top of the line kits send the hi-hat message is this- the hi-hat regardless of position is still the hi-hat cymbal, and it's relative position is indicated by a CC value as it opens and closes. It's still the same cymbal, it's simply in a different position.

By contrast, f you were using an MPC, a Drum Machine, or even just a controller that had drum pads like the V49, there's no way to send a CC value, so for programs made for those types of controllers, they use different note values for open/closed/semi-open and closed. Simpler e-drum kits, like our E-Drum Total kit also uses this style of messages, as they only use open/closed positions and their pedals are a switch, which does not send a CC range. Programs like Garageband's virtual instruments run on this.

Dedicated drum programs like BFD will have that written into the program's built in mapping to allow for the range of different open/closed positions to trigger different samples. In some cases, a V-Drum or E-Drum setting may even need to be turned on to get it to function correctly. 

But please be assured nothing is wrong or broken in your module; the program in your DAW is just not made for a more advanced drum kit. There wouldn't be a midi map for a program to load to the module like there would be for a keyboard, it's simply a matter of if the program can comprehend that the CC message relates to the pedal's state.

That being said, some modules will allow you to remap the open signal. In that case, you would change the open midi note and leave the closed midi note as the same value. Below is the chart with the midi message values for the Crimson 2 kit as an example, which you would change the Open message to a new note and leave the closed on 8.

Please note if you then decided to use a dedicated drum software like BFD Player, you would need to return the open note back to 8 or factory reset the module to send the open note back to 8 so the program could be used again.

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