In this article, we'll follow the steps of how to Redeem Your 30-Days of Melodics Premium & 100 Bonus Lessons. 

Please start by viewing this video to obtain your 30-Days of Melodics Premium:

To obtain your Bonus Lessons from Melodics, please first create an account and register your product. To help you get started, please see this product registration guide: How do I register my product?
Please note* Your hardware serial number can be located on the rear of your drum module, it begins with '(21)'. 

Once you've registered your Alesis e-Drum Kit under your inMusic Profile account, please locate the product on the left side of the screen and select 'View Downloads':

Once you've clicked on 'View Downloads' - You'll see the promotion appear on the right side of your screen. Please be sure to click the text that states 'FREE 30-Day Trial of Melodics Premium Drums': 

You can generate the Promo to supply you with both Bonus lessons and your 30-Day Trial of Melodics Premium by clicking, 'Get Serial' as seen in the image below: 

This code supplies a 30-day trial of Melodics Premium upon creating your Melodics account and redeems the bonus lessons advertised within the app itself. 

Click 'REDEEM' to visit Melodics site and redeem your offer for Melodics Premium - Be sure to view Melodics' instructions on this web page upon redemption. 

If you're a new Melodics user receiving an error upon redeeming your promotion, please try applying for the promotion after creating a free account. Once you've created a free account, make your way to the account webpage and log in.
    Navigate to the Melodics account webpage and enter your code under the Subscription tab.
    Choose a Premium plan, and add your payment details to redeem your 30-day free trial. Cancel any time within the 30-day trial. 

Once you've logged into your Melodics account via the App, head to Settings > Promo Codes and enter the code here to redeem your bonus lessons:
NOTE for iPad users: if using Melodics on iPad, there is no option to redeem a promo code due to Apple's App Store terms and conditions. Please redeem your promo code on the desktop version of Melodics, and your free content will also be accessible on iPad. 

Once redeemed, you will be able to find your free bonus lessons content in the Promo Codes screen or by filtering lessons in the Explore screen by "free".

For further assistance redeeming your Melodics promotion, please contact our friendly support team by submitting a support ticket HERE