In this video guide, we'll explain the different settings within the Alesis Command and Crimson modules and demonstrate how you can use them to perfect the response of your kit.


0:00 Intro

0:10 Why adjust trigger settings?

0:35 How to adjust trigger settings

1:27 Trigger setting: Sensitivity

1:43 Trigger setting: Rim Sensitivity

2:04 Trigger setting: Head-Rim Adjust

2:38 Trigger setting: Threshold

2:55 Trigger setting: Crosstalk

3:28 Trigger setting: Curve

3:52 Trigger setting: Retrig Cancel

4:19 Trigger setting: MIDI Note

4:36 Trigger setting: Splash Sensitivity

4:56 Save settings

5:07 How to perform a factory reset

5:42 Final thoughts & further support