The face buttons on the module are great tools for moving through the kit and testing outputs and inputs from drums. However, they do produce an output sound. This sound is the maximum sound of the pad in it's current configuration, hit as hard as it can, and as your pads are velocity sensitive you will not get that maximum sound of every hit. However, if you would like to have an easier sound getting close to this, here is how you will want to set the individual pads:

On your module, press the Utility button and then press the button on the module representing the pad you want to edit. From here, the Page/Select button will allow you to move through the different settings inside the module, while the Left/Right buttons will allow you to edit the value of that setting. You will want to set the following settings:

SEN: 14

THR: 2

CUR: 06

After this hit the save button and wait a few seconds. If you are editing another drum then press the next face button on the module that you want to edit, and repeat the process; remembering to save after you finish editing each pad.

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