Freezing is a symptom that, like a computer, usually means that a foreign item is not processing correctly. You’ll want to eliminate any conflicting settings and neutralize any externally connected devices:

  1. Factory Reset the module - Turn the module. Press and hold the Stop and Enter buttons while powering on the module. Continue to hold until the Alesis splash screen appears. This will reset your Trigger and Utility settings.

  2. Disconnect any MIDI devices connected to the module - An external device could be inadvertently sending messages to your module that it does not recognize or that force it into a different state.

  3. Remove the SD card and test again - User kits and samples are stored in the removable SD card and could freeze the module if a kit or sample has been corrupted, or if the SD card itself has become corrupted. The user kits and samples will not be available when the SD card is removed.

    If you do not experience freezing without the SD card while using the included factory content, that means the freezing was caused by the card itself and/or the samples, kits, etc. contained on it. If this is the case:
    • The SD card should be backed up and reformatted. Before reloading any kits or samples to the card, plug in the empty SD card and test again.

    • If the module no longer freezes with the SD card connected, begin reloading your kits and samples onto the card. Keep in mind, if a backup of a kit or sample is also corrupted, your module may begin to freeze again. Consider loading your content onto the card in small batches so you can easily trace the problem back to a particular kit or sample.