The Alesis Strike firmware update v1.5 adds all-new performance features. This article will cover how to download and install the update, and answer some popular questions about the new features.


Where do I download the latest update?

The latest Strike firmware can be found right on the Alesis Strike or Strike Pro product page . Click on the Downloads tab and you'll find downloads for Mac and Windows installers under the Docs and Downloads section.

Once you've downloaded the version for your operating system, open the folder and install the firmware updater. Follow the instructions in the installation application to perform your firmware update! 

Do I need to use the Strike Editor software to update the content?

The new content will now be updated straight from the Strike Firmware Updater. There is no need to download or use the editor to update the firmware or content. 


What should I do if the update fails on a Mac?

Some Mac users may experience the following behavior during the update:

  • An error message from the updater application reporting that it cannot locate your Strike module.
  • The updater times out, stops, or fails during the firmware update process.

This is likely due to a unique way OS X handles tracking old MIDI devices. This will not harm the Strike module in any way and there is an easy fix! 

  1. Close your Strike Updater app. 
  2. Open Audio MIDI Setup. This is located in the Applications > Utilities folder. 
  3. From the menu bar, select Window > Show MIDI Window.

    User-added image 
  4. From the drop-down at the top left of the MIDI window, select New Configuration.

    User-added image 
  5. Name the new configuration. 
  6. This will cause OS X to rescan for any current MIDI devices, but also remove any old ones that are no longer connected. Sometimes old “remembered” devices can interrupt MIDI communications on Macs. 
  7. Now, double-click on the IAC Driver icon. This will bring up a new window. 
  8. At the bottom left you’ll see a Ports section. Select any ports listed in there and click the minus button below to remove them all. You should be left with No Available Ports.

    User-added image 
  9. Now be sure to close the Strike Updater app, and check that your Strike module is still connected and in update mode. 
  10. Re-open the Updater app and try again.