Users may experience that for rehearsal purposes they may need more volume out of their speakers. This guide will address various methods of raising the volume for your own personal use.

Sometimes users may find that their keyboard is outputting at a low volume despite the fact that their volume is actually quite high. This is because the keyboard's voice volumes have been set low by accident. This can be remedied by using the Metronome and Lesson buttons together to enter advanced function mode, then hitting E2, B-flat 2 and E3. Please note that the first C on this piano is C0. Afterwards, press Metronome and Lesson again together to save your changes. Below is a graphic of these volume selections from our manual on page 6.

Between this and the volume knob on the unit, the majority of users will find this a perfectly adequate volume for performance. However, when using the Organ preset we suggest using a keyboard amplifier to experience the depth of the instrument's timbre. To accomplish this we suggest using the RCA Line Out outputs with a cable that will convert it to a 1/4 inch TS cable for use with a keyboard amplifier. We do not suggest going from the headphone jack to an amplifier.