Alesis Recital imageThe Alesis Recital is the perfect keyboard for anyone interested in learning piano. The Recital features 88 full-sized semi-weighted keys with adjustable touch response that provides a premium feel and sound. Along with a 3-month premium subscription to Skoove, the premier online piano tutor software, you'll be ready to play the real thing in no time. This guide will show you to redeem your 3-month promotion and get started with Skoove.


Getting started with Skoove Basic

Skoove Basic is free for users wanting to learn how to play the piano. Your Alesis Recital comes with a 3-month free trial of Skoove Premium, which will be discussed later in this article. But if you'd like to get started with the free Basic version of Skoove, follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Click here to go to the Skoove website
  2. Click the green START NOW button.

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  3. The following sign up window will appear. Sign in using your name, email, and password, or using your Facebook account.

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  4. When signing up with your email, you will receive an email requesting you confirm your email address. It will look like the following email.

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  5. Click Confirm Email.

Setting up your Alesis Recital with Skoove

After confirming your email, it will open the Skoove website in a separate window. Click Select a Course. Connect the Alesis Recital to an available USB port on your computer and follow the instructions below to set up your Recital with Skoove.

  1. Click Learnnext to "Beginner Course 1".

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  2. Click Learn next to "Get In Touch With Skoove".

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  3. The next window will have two options. Click Go to Keyboard Setup.

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  4. The next screen will have you choose which type of keyboard you are using. Select USB or MIDI Keyboard.

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  5. The next page will detect the Alesis Recital automatically. Click OK.

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  6. Skoove will have you press the outermost left and right keys on the Alesis Recital. Once you have done so, click Save.

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  7. Lastly, Skoove will have you select which configuration fits your setup. Click Keyboard Controller.

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You are now completely setup with your Alesis Recital and Skoove.

Activating your Free Trial of Skoove Premium

Activating your 3-month free trial of Skoove Premium is very simple. Follow the directions below for help with activating your free trial

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account
    1. Click on the ACCOUNT button in the top-right of the navigation bar
    2. Click the Create button under New Users
    3. Fill in the form and complete your account creation
  3. Register your product
    1. In the ACCOUNT section of the Alesis website, fill out your info and click the Sign In button
    2. Once in your account, click Register Product
    3. Fill in the form and click the Register My Product button
    4. Back in your main account screen, click My Products
    5. Locate your registered product and click Redeem Now under the Skoove promotion
  4. Redeem your offer on Skoove’s website
    1. On Skoove’s site click the Start Now button
    2. Fill in the form to create your Skoove account
    3. Once you’ve created your account, go back to
    4. Click the Start Premium button in the top-right of the page
    5. Fill in your info and enjoy 3 months of Skoove Premium