The Alesis Melody, Harmony and Talent keyboards are some of the best beginner packages in terms of value among the Alesis line, packaging everything you need to get started playing. If you're running into a problem with your piano being unable to produce sound, here's some basic troubleshooting tips to give you direction on what to do:

First, we're going to want to check that the volume hasn't been set low: 

The simplest thing to do is to do a factory reset of the volume parameters by pressing the + and - button on each of the individual volume settings on the keyboard. This will set the volume back up to 6, and from there you should be able to get sound. If not, let's check the power coming into the keyboard.

For various reasons, the keyboard can become underpowered, leading to no sound being produced- a faulty power supply, an incompatible power supply being used, weak batteries. To troubleshoot this, we suggest getting a fresh set of D cell batteries and using those with the piano to troubleshoot with the piano unplugged. If sound returns when you try this, please reach out to us via the new ticket option below and we can give you options for getting a new power supply.

Finally, the keyboard has a mute feature that activates when headphones are plugged in. This too can often cause the speakers to mute for various reasons. If you suspect this, the first thing you should try is a can of compressed air inside the headphone jack to clean out any dust or particles that may be in there, and secondly a set of precision tweezers can get inside of the jack itself if for example, the end tip of a headphone connector broke off inside the jack. At that point, removing the obstruction from inside that jack should immediately give you sound back.

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