Though they are labeled on the colored tab for the cable, occasionally when buying a used Kit or in a situation where small print can obscure your ability to set up the set up your drums correctly. The following is a guide as to which color goes to which pad on your Alesis drum kit. Please note that the corresponding module side tabs will be the same color on the DM10 mk1 and Strike Kits.

White- Hi-Hat

Dark Blue- Hi Hat Control

Grey- Kick

Yellow- Snare

Orange- Tom 1

Purple- Tom 2

Black- Tom 3


Green- Ride 1

Dark Green- Ride 2

Note: The DM10 has a Perc 2,3,4 input and those you just use whatever TRS 1/4 in. cable you have handy. Same for Crash 2/Tom 4 on expandable kits.